Aegean Paradise. Tourist Accommodation in a Garden
Symi Island

Thought as an alternative of the traditional models of Mediterranean mass tourism, the Aegean Paradise explores renewed forms of community within the territory of the non-productive time, that of the leisure, rest and vacations and put under discussion the usual notions of privacy, segregation, relation and exploitation of the territory and the environment, usually presented in the collective lodgings linked to tourism.
The Aegean Pairi-Daêza is a delicate and vast silk surface protecting an endless Paradise of delights.The origin of the word paradise gets back to ancient term pairi-daêza, literally enclosed space, and was coined to refer to the first Persian gardens. The shift of its meaning to the Garden of Eden comes from the use of parádeisos to translate "garden" from the Hebrew.
As in the original Paradise - Mystics believed that it actually existed in the form of an island somewhere in the east- the enjoyment comes from the experience of a space of ideal conditions. This ocean of perfect weather located in the Dodecanese, is at the same time endless and internalized, in continuity with the surroundings but fully differentiated. Constructions, topiary houses, ponds, silk threads of the canopy and rocks that keep them in stressed are repeated systematically, generating an infinite abstract field. The ratio between length and height, with the horizon at equal distance to the ground and the cover, extends it perceptively, although it is clearly delimited by a dense, deep traversable wall of vertical (hop) plantations. Under the canopy, the Mediterranean understorey’s ecosystem is shadowed and protected.
It is a large communal house, an extensive public space and an augmented landscape confined between curtains and veils. The white extension of silk is taken over by large clouds of flowers and vines that grow over the weird and pleasant rug of oneiric fields and forests, transforming the existing ecosystem into an unfamiliar extraordinary flora and fauna. Instead of walls, privacy is achieved with the distance between them, unusually big.
In this strange induced Third Nature, filled with the intoxicated air of new and unexpected forms of beauty and pleasure, a series of artificial, bizarre and excessive pieces are intended for the other part of life, the contra-routine, a hallucinatory and temporary compensation for the everyday life, the grey and unsatisfactory reality. These small wonders are made out of blends, shifts and unexpected combinations for hedonistic pleasures and vacation, this period of suspension of time and temporary return to small - or big – pleasures and delights.