The Second Community, by Fredrik Hellberg receives A.A. Honours

Architectural Association School of Architecture

By amid

Fredrik Hellberg, Diploma 5 student directed by Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén García Grinda, with Tyen Masten receives Diploma with Honours for his project “The second Community” (2010-2011) a big platform for identity tourism located in California City, in Mojave desert. A vast, white, homogeneous interior hidden into an avatar of a mountain that constructs an apparently infinite and featureless space to be occupied by artificial and synthetic identities in the form of avatars of real people, coming from different social groups.

In his project Fredrik has explored the possibility of constructing a public space for one of the most distinctive social manifestations of our era: the personal and collective clashes and anxieties that happen in this wild untamed territory of the experience between the real world and the realm of zeros and ones in which we spent part of our lives. The interconnections between both domains and the role of the construction of the personal and collective identity through the definition of the appearance is the departure gate for the project, based in a exploratory survey through some of the subcultures strongly connected with these aspects, like the role players or the massively multiplayer online role-playing gamers.

This new touristic destination for identity raisers is an avatar of a building, composed by a gigantic fake mountain made out of consecutive iterations of tetrahedral steel mesh where the structural stresses are concentrated. This immense virtual realm shaped following the basic principles of the spaces of computer games, hides in its interior a white luminous and seamless desert. Vast enough to be perceived as a mirage in the Mohave Desert, this virtual stage constructed artificially modifying natural conditions and phenomena is seated following directly the blueprint of California City, thought for 4 million and never inhabit. The interior is a broad white space, with no perceptible limits in which a blinding and homogeneous luminosity is floating; a white canvas for identity expressionism in where different subcultures and social groups can rebuild the notion of gathering halfway between Burning Man festival –with its extreme and radical festivity and extravagances- and computer gamers meetings.

Working simultaneously with the perceptive implications of high luminosity levels and energy production, a ring of circular heliostats placed in the inward face of the crater reflects the sunlight towards the interior of the four hundred meters dome and the steam turbine to both generate energy and produce a light mirage. Basing the logic in the study of identity based subcultures, Fredrik resituates people in the center of the spatial practices, its activities and cultural manifestations.


Cristina Díaz Moreno & Efrén García Grinda
Paseo Imperial 6, 1c. 28005 Madrid
info(at)cero9(dot)com / t-f +34913653527


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