New Value, by Ben Reynolds (Dip5) receives AA Honours

Architectural Association School of Architecture, 2011/2012

By amid

Ben Reynolds, student of AA Diploma 5, directed by Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén García Grinda, with Tyen Masten and John Ng has received Honours for his Diploma project “New Value” (2011-2012), a surreal and critical attempt to discuss the physicality of the immaterial production and transactions through a combination of a data center, a landfill of data and a country club in Palm Springs for retired investors and bankers. Through the appearance of the technical management of heat through its dissipation in a landscape of inflatables and the encoded data landfill produced by the excretion of paraffin coming from the submerged servers, the project discuss the disengagement the physicality of the trading in the web.

As Ben explains:

”Nestled between fairway-condos and swimming pools as kidneys is a data centre that stores the massive and shapeless stuff of digital production. For the leisure-suit-laden retired bankers of Palm Springs CA., it is a country club of two worlds: above, are spaces that exploit their tired bodies through games where play is celebrated social act and the production of illusions temporarily dislocate their realities.”

”Below is made of excreted material from the data centre: it is the domain of physical superabundance–errors and excess—across time, and through strata of materiality. A glutinous mass, leftover 0’s and 1’s. Information’s Ivory Towers as silicon’s shit. Above, the games employ their commodified minds, language and emotions within membranes upon membranes of inflatables.”

”The building is a codified territory; a reified .csv file blurring the details of a body and something completely artificial, alien. It’s likeness to a body–with wrinkles of inflatables, pits as thermal pools and as hair ethernet cables–is no coincidence as the exchange of data and total creation of information is the sum of human effort. The building becomes where information came from. The bankers are again libidinous college kids; splendor is restored and is floating as a desert oasis of information.”

For further information, have a look to Ben Reynolds and Valle Medina’s webpage:


Cristina Díaz Moreno & Efrén García Grinda
Paseo Imperial 6, 1c. 28005 Madrid
info(at)cero9(dot)com / t-f +34913653527


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