Darker than Black

Darker than Black (The Gradentizer) competition entry by AMID.cero9 with Fabric | ch (2011-12)

By amid


“Darker tan black” is an instrument to perform blackness, from pitch dark to continuous levels of absence of light.

Two big monstrous roofs create internal and external lighting conditions to perceive the exhibitions and projections in the interior and the firmament in the upper decks. “Darker than black” overlaps successive material layers around the dark cores of both buildings constructing both vertical and horizontal gradients of absence of light.

The exterior surfaces act as a trap for light, absorbing it through their albedo and roughness, and using darker than black meta-materials. The new planetarium is a landscape of darkness, an inverted anechoic chamber for light.

For further information check Fabric.ch blog (http://blog.fabric.ch/index.php?/archives/2303-Gradientizer-by-fabric-ch-and-AMID.cero9.html)

Gradentizer competition entry for the new Planetarium in Lausanne (2011-2012) in partnership with Fabric | ch

Amid.cero9 / Fabric | ch

AMID.cero9: Cristina Diaz Moreno, Efren Garcia Grinda, José Quintanar, Vicente Soler, Laura Migueláñez, Pei-Yao Wu.

Fabric | ch: Patrick Keller, Christophe Guignard, Sinan Mansuroglu, Nicolas Besson

Partner: Computed·By (coding creative projects)


Cristina Díaz Moreno & Efrén García Grinda
Paseo Imperial 6, 1c. 28005 Madrid
info(at)cero9(dot)com / t-f +34913653527


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